Aaargh! Piracy – It be a crime!

Piracy: It be a crime!

Today (Sept 19) is International Talk Like A Pirate Day, a perfect opportunity to discuss that which we all hate to discuss… piracy.

By piracy, I don’t mean those folks in boats, with dashing good looks, wearing awe-inspiring costumes of so-many-layers-you-know-why-they-don’t-want-to-walk-the-plank, no, I refer to the illegal copying of music, movies and software. No-one (apart from the parties being infringed) wants to talk about it, because we secretly don’t see the problem with it. But, the truth is, piracy really is a crime and our kids need to be brought into an awareness of the problem.

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Ubuntu Edge: A new type of phone

Ubuntu: Now for your mobile.

I’ve been following Ubuntu (well known for it’s Linux distribution) for a while – I have a Live USB of it (so that I can run Ubuntu on my computer without worrying about Windows) and I actually like the way they see the desktopĀ in Unity. Unity has been a bone of contention for many Linux lovers – “Why add another user interface paradigm?” they cried…

Now we know. Canonical (parent company of Ubuntu) is crowd-funding their new mobile phone, Ubuntu Edge, over at Indiegogo. It looks great, and it may just change the world (or at least the mobile world)!

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