An introduction to Google Sites (part of Google Apps)

I’ve been playing with Google Sites for my school a bit recently. Google Sites is a powerful, yet simple, web site creation tool. It is part of the Google Apps suite and allows you to quickly and easily create a website.

In this video, I give a quick (17 min) introduction to creating a website using Google Sites. My IT students are using this to create their product blogs.

Tutorial: Visual Basic Express 2010 – Create Your Own Procedure

As per the previous post, my IPT students have been working along quite steadily, exploring the wonders of writing rich and fulfilling code. At one point, though, one of my students asked, “Sir, is there a way that I can avoid writing the same code over and over again?”.

The long answer began with, “Yes – as we’ve covered in class multiple times, like… enter string of classes” – but the answer is still, YES!

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Tutorial: Visual Basic Express 2010 – working with listboxes

My IPT students (young programmers) are constructing an address book using text files as their data file. One of the ways to sort through it is to use Listboxes (particularly since they haven’t discovered arrays yet).

Now, I’m not about to give them the answers for their project, but, if they use a combination of the following 4 techniques, they can construct a working address book which allows them to read from a data file, add new contacts, edit contacts, remove contacts and keep their data up to date.

Example 1: Adding an item to a listbox.

This will also demonstrate how to read from a file into the listbox, display an item’s text in a text box and append the new item to the end of the data file (append means put on the end).


Zip file containing project:

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