Moodling the Moodle

ImageAs part of my new role (Head of eLearning) at my school, one of my primary aims was to get us using a Learning Management System (LMS). This is a web based tool which allows teachers to make their courses, or parts of their courses, available online for their students to access and use wherever and whenever they need it. When used in partnership with something like Google Apps For Education, it allows for rich, collaborative and structured learning.

Over the past two-three years, I’d been trialling an Open Source LMS called Moodle. It’s one (or some say¬†the) of the most popular LMSes out there and is used by our local university as well. I managed to get it set up on a local server (accessible from outside though) and convinced our Maths/Science Department to use it with their classes (as well as using it myself). The trials were quite positive.

Our Maths/Sci Head of Faculty practically gushes about it (which is awesome) and parents have been loving the idea that they know what their kids are up to as well.

So why choose Moodle?

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