Holiday Repost: Don’t Blame Social Media if Your Teen Is Unsocial. It’s Your Fault

No Facebook Allowed

No Facebook Allowed

Aaah, social media. We all love facebook, twitter, google+, snapchat, kik … and we all love to hate social media too. The number of times I’ve heard, “Facebook is evil” (aka “Bring out the pitchforks and burning branches”) and, “Kids don’t talk to each other anymore” (aka “I don’t let my kids see other kids because they might be influenced, taken, get a scratch…”)  – well, let’s say that if I had a dollar each time, I’d be giving Bill Gates a run for his money…

Anyway, this post at Wired is all about that and is worth the read.

I plan on doing a follow up focusing on helping kids be responsible users of social media – sometime in the new year. Look for it. 🙂

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