Blog Link: Really? It’s My Job To Teach Technology?

Really, It's My Job To Teach Technology?Blog Link: Really? It’s My Job To Teach Technology?

Jeff Utecht over at The Thinking Stick wrote an article a while ago which I’ve only just gotten around to reading today: Really? It’s My Job To Teach Technology?. This post itself was a response to another post about a couple of the big issues of bringing technology into schools and classrooms: what do we teach, and who teaches it?

In his usual thought provoking and straight talking manner, Utecht responds to some of the questions asked and I find myself agreeing with his points. Technology is a skill not a program, and as such it needs to be incorporated in every subject. If creating is the level of Bloom’s Taxonomy [don’t know what that is? – image] which we value the most, then we need to be focusing on getting the kids there – not on ‘what content might miss out’ in the process. Let’s provide our kids with the skills to excel in our technology rich world rather than inadvertently hampering them.

Anyway, the blog is worth a read.

Interesting fact: Jeff Utecht has put together a course called “the Ninja Program” – if you have or use Google Apps, it’s worth heading over and doing the course… you get badges too!


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