My daughter doesn’t deserve school – unless it doesn’t have teachers!

Unhelpful Teacher Meme

Does your daughter/son deserve this?

Confrontational? Yes. Thought provoking? Yes. Against teachers and mysoginistic? No way.

In my daily reading of interesting goodies on the web (something that we should all do professionally – get some mind space), I came across two very interesting articles.

The first, I was put on to by a fellow IT teacher over at right into IT. He posted a link to the article in question, with nary a description – Why my daughter doesn’t deserve school, at The Learning Generalist. It is an interesting article to say the least, and challenges the notion of our industrial revolution based education system. It also proposes some ideas to get out of this rut. Overall, it is a thought provoking (and not misogynistic) article. Definitely worth a read.

The second article is from a blog I follow, MindShift. Being titled ‘A School With No Teachers‘, it was sure to catch my attention – and I’m glad it did. This is an article about an experiment in education in France. The school is called 42 (Yes, Douglas Adam’s fans would understand why) and has not one teacher in it. Based on the article, it sounds incredibly intensive for the students, but I hope that it succeeds. The education system as it stands really does need a shakeup.

So, my title should make sense now. My daughters (how awesome is it to say that?!) are and will continue to go to school, but I dream of a time when the education system recognises the passions and is flexible enough to allow students to dream big, and achieve bigger.


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