The Flipped Classroom: Don’t Flip Out!

Don't Flip Out!

Your classroom has flipped! Don’t flip out!

We’ve probably all heard the term ‘flipped classroom’ and tended to, well, flip-out. The basic idea behind the flipped classroom is that lectures are pre-recorded, students watch them at home, learn what they can, and then head back into the classroom to complete activities based on their learning… Sounds great, yes? Sounds like a lot of work…

But in the day and age of Khan Academy, Youtube EDU, online courses (like coursera, udacity, udemy) and online gamified learning (codecademy), this doesn’t need to be the case. We can use the resources from others who have spent the time and effort creating the videos, ensure that they meet our needs, and then ‘flip’ our classrooms using them. Some, like the Khan Academy are actually set up for that express purpose. Of course, once you flip the classroom, you still have to wonder if it’s going to actually be of benefit to your students… well, you did. Now, a three year study has come out showing a moderate improvement in student achievements and “significant student preference” for a flipped classroom.

There are plenty of other models of flipping your classroom out there – I prefer having the videos available to the students to use, but still actually teaching the course myself, or having the videos worked through in class while I engage them critically and push the students to work with the content. This provision of video allows students to pause, rewind and replay critically important aspects while not disrupting the class. Ideally, this should allow for a deeper understanding (and a more complete understanding) of the course.

For more on the study, head on over to:


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