Google Play for Education…

This is not about play based learning… No, this is all about Google and its app store – Google Play. At Google I/O (their major conference), Google announced a special Play Store for K-12 education.
I think this is HUGE!!! Could be a game changer…

Google Play For Education is organised by subject matter, has cheap apps, and makes it incredibly easy for a school to deploy to all their Google accounts. This is a big difference from Apple’s App Store, which I find incredibly hard to manage across even a small number of devices.

Oh, and each app is recommended by actual educators – not just the developers.

Does all this sound awesome to you? Because it sure does to me.

Aside: Include this with Chromebooks – laptops for $300 and less, and Google Apps for Education (free) and you’ve got an idea of how much of a game changer this could be.

Still not convinced? See the video from the Google I/O conference:

Here’s a couple of links with more information:
Gizmodo: Google Play For Education: You Know, For Kids
The Verge: Google takes on Apple in schools with Google Play for Education

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