Firefox Mobile OS: try it now on your PC!

The GeekPhone Peak

Mozilla has released a simulator for their new mobile phone OS, Firefox OS (see here). It’s available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and runs through Firefox (so you’ll need to get that). You install it as an extension, which you can get from here.

What’s exciting about this mobile OS (and yes, we already have a few) is that the apps are written in HTML5. So, theoretically at least, you can run them not only on your phone, but through any modern browser. That’s pretty neat. Write once, run anywhere.

Mozilla has also release two developer phones, the GeekPhone Peak (pictured) and the GeekPhone Keon. Obviously, you have to love the branding!

To see a video of it in action on the Keon (which is a surprisingly low spec’ed phone, even for a dev phone), see below:

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