Tutorial: Visual Basic Express 2010 – working with listboxes

My IPT students (young programmers) are constructing an address book using text files as their data file. One of the ways to sort through it is to use Listboxes (particularly since they haven’t discovered arrays yet).

Now, I’m not about to give them the answers for their project, but, if they use a combination of the following 4 techniques, they can construct a working address book which allows them to read from a data file, add new contacts, edit contacts, remove contacts and keep their data up to date.

Example 1: Adding an item to a listbox.

This will also demonstrate how to read from a file into the listbox, display an item’s text in a text box and append the new item to the end of the data file (append means put on the end).


Zip file containing project: http://bit.ly/listbox1

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Google Play for Education…

This is not about play based learning… No, this is all about Google and its app store – Google Play. At Google I/O (their major conference), Google announced a special Play Store for K-12 education.
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Google Glass and Education

Sergey Brin wearing Google Glass. From cnet.com

I’m in the process of putting together a piece about how I see Google Glass (or something like it) impacting upon education in the near future. I’m absolutely excited by the potential it has to revolutionise how students learn to learn, thing and absorb the world around them. I’m also a little scared by it’s potential for abuse (as we’ve already seen). But all that is for the other post.  Continue reading